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Charter Review Committee Application

  1. Charter Review Committee Application

    Application, Disclosure & Authorization, Background Check

City Council Meetings - Citizen Comments

  1. Appearance before City Council Registration Form

    Form must be completed and returned before the Mayor begins to present the agenda item to City Council.

  2. Request to speak during Citizen Comments
  1. Request for Future City Council Agenda Item

    A request for the City Council to discuss a topic at a future meeting.

Police Department

  1. At Home Application
  2. CPA Application
  3. SafeCam Program Registration Form

    A new crime prevention and investigation tool, this program allows residents and businesses to voluntarily register their contact... More…

  1. At Home Waiver and Release
  2. Police Department Compliments or Complaints

    Use this form to submit Police Department compliments or complaints.

  3. Vacation House Watch Form