Outdoor Warning Sirens

The City of Farmers Branch outdoor warning sirens are designed to alert citizens, who are outside, to an eminent threat in the community. When the eight sirens are sounded, citizens should seek shelter immediately and monitor the situation via television, radio, or other means.

When are sirens tested?
Farmers Branch tests the Outdoor Warning Sirens the first Wednesday of every month at 1 pm, weather permitting. Testing will NOT occur if there are storms in the area or if the skies are threatening so as not be confused with a real siren activation.

Why can't I hear the siren in my home?
Homes are built to insulate against noise and most likely will not allow siren sound to penetrate inside your home. The sirens are designed to be "Outdoor" Warning Sirens. They are for people who may be outside away from other sources of information. Do not wait to hear the sirens to take protective actions inside your home during severe weather. If the forecasters say to take cover, please do so immediately.

WBAP Radio, 820 AM, is the designated Emergency Alert System (EAS) station for this area.

NOAA Radios
NOAA All-Hazard Weather Radios serve as a personal alerting device for your home. Many different types and brands of weather radios are available. These radios are available through online outlets, discount stores, pharmacies, and electronic stores. It is important to use one that includes NOAA weather channels in the description.

Do not call 911 to ask why the Outdoor Warning Sirens have been activated. Only call 911 if you have an emergency to report.