Ethical Standards of Conduct: Ordinance, Resolution and Handbook

Ordinance No. 3349
This ordinance is for the purpose of amending the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Article III, Code of Ethics; establishing new ethical standards of conduct applicable to City Officers; providing for a complaint process for violation of the code of conduct; providing a repealing clause and an effective date.

Resolution No. 2015-120
In light of several recent changes in state law relating to ethical conduct of local public officials, Farmers Branch City Council requested revisions to the Ethics Standards Policy and related handbook. Ordinance No. 3349 adopted the revisions, and Resolution No. 2015-120 authorizes the publication and distribution of the Ethical Standards Handbook.

Ethics Handbook for Elected Officials and Advisory Board Members
The City of Farmers Branch and its elected officials and advisory board members all share a commitment to ethical conduct in service to their community. This handbook has been created to ensure that all elected and appointed officials and advisory board members have clear guidance for carrying out their responsibilities.