Trash Talk

Proposed Changes to Residential Trash Collection

What does our current trash service look like?

  • Farmers Branch residents have trash pickup twice a week.
  • Trash is placed in bags on the curb and they are picked up by the city’s contractor, CWD.
  • Recycling is picked up once a week in blue carts.
  • Brush and bulky service or “Green Grabber” comes through once a week as well.

What are the proposed service changes?

Twice weekly garbage collection, one a week recycling plus brush & bulky guarantees trash on display in the neighborhood virtually every day of the week. We’re trying to clean that up.

  • The new contract with CWD would change service days from two to one day per week.
  • Trash would be placed in OPTIONAL 95-gallon carts similar to the recycling carts.
  • All carts would have to be returned to the proper storage location by 9 am the day after service.
  • In order to divert waste away from the landfill, proposed changes include once a month bulk pickup - OR ON-CALL AS NEEDED - with no change to brush collection. This will allow for brush such as trees, tree limbs and bushes to be recycled as mulch and organic waste, increasing the life of the landfill.
  • The city is considering the addition of more options, such as landscaping, for screening trash and recycling carts from view.
  • No changes are proposed for Recycling.

Isn’t this a decrease in service?

It’s fewer days per week, but it is the same quality of service and less time that trash is on the curb. Putting trash out in carts instead of bags means cleaner streets and less potential for pollution in our parks and creeks. A 95-gallon cart holds a surprisingly large quantity of material.

Why is the city making these changes?

Farmers Branch residents receive trash service free of charge. The cost of service is offset by the revenue generated by city-owned Camelot Landfill. We want to keep it that way.

However, as cost of providing the service continues to increase due to market fluctuations and labor costs, the City started looking for ways to keep costs stable while continuing to provide quality service to its residents. Changing to one day a week service in conjunction with using carts will keep the service free for the foreseeable future.

These proposals also constitute progress towards a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly Farmers Branch. Fewer trucks on our streets not only mean less wear and tear on our roads, but lower carbon emissions, better air quality and cleaner neighborhoods.

 So, the Camelot Landfill is a key to the whole thing?

These changes will keep the cost stable for the coming years and will help save space in Camelot Landfill in Lewisville, extending its life and, in doing so, ensuring that residents continue to receive free service for the foreseeable future.

 What if I can’t maneuver the carts?

We can help! If you are physically unable to maneuver the recycling or trash carts, please call our Public Works Department at 972.919.2597 to set up alternate arrangements.

 I generate a lot of trash. Will I be able to get additional carts?

Yes, you will be able to request additional carts for a nominal fee. Each household in Farmers Branch will receive one cart free of charge.

What if I have more questions?

Call City Hall at 972.247.3131.